We Develop Mechatronic Systems

Specialized in requirements management, we support projects of product developments with traditional document-based methods as well as methology of model-based systems engineering (MBSE). We also help the transition from traditional methods to model-based approaches (e.g. SysML, UML).

Addictive to innovation, we have, over the years, created many innovative solutions (of those many patents) for sensors, algorithms, solenoid valves, application of memory metals, mechanical components, hydraulic systems and many more.

At component level, we develop algorithms and software for ECU with the method of model-based software development (simulink / targetlink). We support the product developmets of new electronic / electric and mechanical components.

About Us

Antriebssystem PowertrainWe have been working in research and development for automotive industry in Germany for many years. We have engaged in developments of serial productions of powertrains (for Ford, Jaguar, VW and Audi) and variable valvetrains (for Fiat und Chrysler). In the fields of powertrains or valvetrains, we have built our competence and know-how in,

  • Requirements management
  • Development of innovative products
  • Development of control and diagnostic algorithms
  • System integration: verification, validation and test

Mechatronik System Working in automotive industry, we are actively engaged in applying various standards, norms and defined processes, such as, the standard for functional safety of electrical and/or electronic systems, i.e. ISO 26262, the process evaluation, i.e. ASPICE/CMMI, the ECU software architecture, i.e. AUTOSAR, etc.

Furthermore, we are very keen on carrying out the best practices in industry, e.g. requirements management in agile development, etc.

Facing emerging new technologies in industry, we are gradually making progresses in hybrid/electric powertrain and in autonomous drive with AI, machine learning, etc.

Our Know-How Spectrum

Requirements Management Anforderungsmanagement

Requirements Management for Mechatronic Systems

We manage the requirements for complex mechatronic systems of technology side with Integrity and DOORS. Following requirement documents shall be delivered, i.e.

  • Stakeholder requirements
  • System requirements
  • Sofware requirements
  • System operational concept
The contents of requirement documents shall be devloped,

  • completely
  • clearly
  • comprehensibly
  • atomically
  • identifiably
  • uniformly
  • verifiably
  • consistently
  • with backward and forward traceability

For the requirements management, it is important to gradually migrate to “model-based” approach, even though the traditional “document-based” approach is still widely used. Therefore, SysML and its tool set shall be adopted, if required. Such model-based methods will simplify greatly the tasks of the requirements managements and provide added-value to the entire development process.

motor und ECU

System Integration

As system specialists, we possess a breadth of knowledge of mechatronic systems and components. We take the task of system integration and pull it all together, specifically, we support development of mechatronic systems in,

  • System integration strategy
  • System verification
  • System validation
  • Failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA)
  • System test
Kreativität und Innovation

Innovative Product Development

Creativity and innovation are in our blood. With years of experiences in automotive industry, we support customer to develop innovative solutions to improve the existing products and develop new line of products in following categories,

  • Entire hydraulic system and its control
  • Control strategies for mechatronic system
  • Diagnostic strategies for mechatronic system
  • Solenoid valve
  • Sensor for motion detecting
  • Application of memory metal
Many patents for the new concepts and designs have been made. Furthermore, we are continuously pursuing new concepts for future products and improvement for the existing products.

A selected list of the patents since 2014:

Patent No.: DE102014203687 A method of detecting the close timing of gas exchange valves on an evaluation of a knocking sensor signal
The invention relates to a method for determining the closing timing of a valve, such as a gas exchange valve in an internal combustion engine, wherein a signal is received from a sensor …

Patent No.: WO/2017/050331 Control unit and method for monitoring the function of an electromagetic actuator
The invention relates to a method and to a control unit for monitoring the function of an electromagnetic actuator, for example, a control valve which can be blocked. A magnetic core …

Patent No.: DE102015200472 A method for detecting and controlling the opening and closing timing of valves in a flow system
The invention relates to a method for detecting and controlling the opening and closing timing of valves in a flow system by means of a pressure sensor (2) for measuring pressures in a flow …

Patent No.: DE102015219218 Electromagnetic actuator and method for its dimensioning
The present invention relates to an electromagnetic actuator and a method for dimensioning the same. The electromagnetic actuator according to the invention comprises an electric coil …

Patent No.: DE102014203688 A method for detecting in a hydraulic fluid aeration effect
The invention relates to a method for detecting aeration effect in a hydraulic fluid, such as in a hydraulic control drive of an internal combustion engine, wherein an air pressure signal is …

Patent No.: DE102015200266 A method for detecting the open or closed state of valves in a flow system
The invention relates to a method for detecting the open or closed state of valves (5) in a flow system by means of a flow sensor (2) for measuring flow parameters in a flow passage …

Patent No.: DE102012212860 Method for determining the filling of the cylinders of reciprocating internal combustion engines
Method for determining the pressure in the intake passage system of a reciprocating internal combustion engine and for analyzing the variations in pressure, wherein the cylinders of air or gas …

Software Algorithm

Algorithm Development

We are specialized in software development for mechatronic system in automotive, especially, control and diagnostic algorithms for powertrain and variable valvetrain with the method based on Simulink and TargetLink, a model-based software development.

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